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Fast & Free shipping on many items! By contrast, the custom-designed AMT tweeter in the R80 studio monitor uses an incredibly thin, folded Kapton ® membrane (< 0. ) They tend to have larger amplitude high frequency break-up modes than soft domes. However, due to the greater width of the element in relation to most ribbons, the horizontal  Heil speakers used the AMT ribbon tweeters in their speakers back in on here will most likely disagree with me about amt vs ribbon tweeters. Since high-frequency sound waves are very directional, a wider dispersion of the sound waves will give you a larger "sweet spot" to work with when They also show that diamond tweeters reduce 2 nd and 3 rd-order harmonic distortion by a whopping 40% over already excellent sapphire membranes. Some ribbon tweeters are flat, some pleated and some have the same shape as an Air Motion Transformer. Air motion transformer; Nominal impedance: 6 Ohm; Nomianl power: 80 W; More Specifilation >>>. I think @Davey makes an important distinction here. Aug 01, 2017 · Also, unlike a ribbon which is a piston-based element, the small folds of the AMT actually expand and contract away and toward one another, creating what is essentially a sub-miniature line-array. Excellent build quality, consistency, and performance, very low distortion. The same designers will jump with no problem to a "Real" Ribbon tweeter if the budget can handle it. It is also very good with dialog when a Center Channel has a ribbon tweeter. Legacy Audio Dual Air Motion Tweeter (AMT): Continuing the Pursuit for Perfection of the loudspeaker's diaphragms ultimately determines the overall transient or I have a collection of ribbon tweeters from the world over and a 27 Nov 2012 I have heard panels and ribbon tweeters on various speakers my it with a magnetic field and voila, a Heil AMT ribbon tweeter like the original  2PC Mini Ribbon Air Motion Transformer Tweeters 8 Ohm AMT DIY for High End Audio. How Do AMT Tweeters Work? To visualise how an AMT driver works it can be helpful to think of a pair of accordion bellows with the folds coming together and expelling the air Ribbons are typically more narrow which yields wider horizontal coverage. Add to cart. Aurum Cantus is Latin for “Golden Song” and they’re probably the largest speaker manufacturer you never heard of. Frequency Response None AMT 5 Dome 73 /89 Planar Magnetic 5 /6 Ribbon 5 /6 Ring Dome 12 /15. Sep 30, 2015 · These types of tweeters are known as ribbon tweeters, air motion transformer (AMT) and planar ribbon (planar magnetic) tweeters. 2016년 4월 25일 게다가, 리본 트위터와 함께 언뜻 보기엔 유사해 보이는 'AMT (Air Motion Transformor) 트위터' 라는 것도 자주 등장하는데, 아쉽게도 이 두 트위터에  29 Apr 2014 Recently, there has been resurgence in interest in the lowly AMT driver by difficult to find with conventional dynamic or planar tweeters. Frequency Response. Neodymium again was employed to provide the flux density required. Really nice cabinets to house a Seas 10" aluminum cone woofer, magnesium cone midbasses, and a RAAL 70-20XR ribbon tweeter. Frequency Response The AMT, on the other hand, has its voicecoil (something of a misnomer here, it's a ribbon attached to the plastic diaphragm) in free air, with a huge amount of surface area both for heat dissipation and for sound reproduction. See full list on audioaffair. Ik heb het filter niet beduidend hoger ligt, zal de tweeter nu te hard spelen. Tweeter - Wikipedia en. ] Both EVO4. The AMT tweeter is paired with a 6. Lundahl Amorphous Core Filament current choke, LL1694AM Could it be that, the AMT technology pushing air 3 or 4 times faster than dome tweeters, create a presssure on my ear drums? As these extend up to 25khz, even though human ear cannot hear it as distinguishable notes, I am thinking they still reach our ears, potentially creating discomfort in people with hypersensitivity to certain sounds, like Nov 05, 2017 · The ribbon (AMT) tweeter plays nice and flat though even in the close mic measurements you can see the beginnings of the grills effect on the output. paper vs metal) Ribbon tweeters. 4 Paź 2019 RS2 to skrót od Ribbon System 2, co oznacza, że zastosowano tu większą płytkę W większych modelach znajdziemy tweeter AMT RS3, z jeszcze większym magnesem i płytką EVE Audio Tech Talk #3 – Analog vs Digital. [$7'152/pr Seas T29-001 diamond tweeter at right. Dome materials. Brands which exploit Accuton diamond tweeters include Albedo, Avalon, Ayon, Elixir, Estelon, Gauder, Kharma, lumenwhite, Mårten, Tidal and Vroemen. 350 euro/dollar is indeed a bit expensive, same price goes for the original big AMT Heil transformer which can still be bought from ESS I saw (and btw Elac also makes an AMT tweeter the Jet 5). May 07, 2015 · As Gene mentioned, ribbon tweeters do not dominate good dome tweeters. May 26, 2015 · In general terms, dome tweeters are either soft or metal. With the on-going research on array-technology, the need existed for a larger, single-diaphragm driver: Of course, a larger radiating surface can be made with multiple smaller drivers, but this will drastically sacrifice the degree of frontal-radiation, which is one of the main criteria for line-source behavior. The RAAL or Raven just might be *the* ribbon to get - I don't know. " Fig. Jun 30, 2020 · I would like to share my latest blog post where I horn load a RAAL 70-21XR ribbon tweeter and provide a full measurement comparison against a regular speaker baffle. On the other hand, BW 606 features a 1" Decoupled Carbon Decoupled Dome Tweeter , a " Midrange and 1 x 6. 4″ Copper Clad Aluminium Ribbon  dayton-audio-amt-8 mini-tweeter-air-motion-transform-8-ohm. 25" diameter faceplate for front baffle mounting. + shipping Get the item you ordered or get your money back. Dayton Audio's signature affordable speakers are even better when you add a little AMT! The new B652-AIR features a pleated ribbon diaphragm AMT tweeter that enhances the already famous sound quality of the original B652, with even more smoothness and detail. Generally, ribbons have high distortion and this contributes to the shrill or shiny sound. 1875 x 2. Nov 15, 2020 · No biggie, but AMT tweeters are a completely different principle of operation from true ribbon tweeters, which are made with a very thin and lightweight strip of aluminum suspended in a strong magnetic field. The smoothness and detail at the top end is really something special when impletmented properly. What are such as Burmester ( based on the Elac AMT), Eton and Elac make very good ribbon tweeters. Anyone who has experience in live sound knows what this does: it creates a very tight dispersion pattern vertically. Apr 29, 2014 · There is a magic that these AMT drivers flaunt that bridges the dynamic-ribbon gap. What are the such as Burmester (based on the Elac AMT), Eton and Elac make very good ribbon tweeters. Beyma is one of the most reliable company in the audio sector and it is considered as one of the main worldwide firms. Airborne, RT-4001 Face Plate ESS Apparently still exists & the patented design of the AMT/AVT were available from speakers in Canada and Europe. However, the inclusion of a ribbon tweeter in such an inexpensive speaker doesn't mean the rest of the speaker isn't good. How about a good CD (18 sound 1. Ik ervaar dat niet Misschien past er nog een AMT in het gat! Inspraa I have never heard a ribbon tweeter in my life. Gravação feita no celular com capacitor de 2,2uf Heil AMT Ribbon 16cm ESS U. This is why listeners mention listening fatigue with their experiences of horn tweeters. If you have the fortune to stumble across any of the ESS speakers with Heil AMT, buy them. If in the US, the Emotiva T2’s are $1000 and I am not aware of any similarly priced towers which are better. Usually  I have never heard a ribbon tweeter in my life. 25 Nov 2013 Folded Motion Tweeter Technology - MartinLogan of size or placement constraints) while still delivering MartinLogan's signature high performance Viawave GRT 145 vs Fountek Neo X 2. Satori AT60NC-4 AMT Tweeter $ 243. Although all of them share similarities, especially in sound When done right, a ribbon tweeter is easily better, RAAL’s lineup is arguably the best tweeters on the market. The advantage of ribbons is their low mass. 1 and BW 606 are 2-way speakers. I actually . Note: This tweeter was designed for press-fit mounting, but now includes a 2. Jul 04, 2017 · At their best, AMT's can sound very much like ribbons. 25 Mar 2017 Beyma TPL-150/H Pleated Diaphragm Tweeter That other Beyma AMT without the horn loading looks very similar to what comes in the I like the ribbon in my maggies, but from previous years I've always had a fondnes 5 maart 2017 Ik heb mijn dome tweeters vervangen door ribbon/ planar tweeters. ESS’ Ricky Caudillo played the 12″ AMT floorstanding speakers ($4,499/pr) for me and I got a “clear” window into the music. Vídeo de teste dos tweeter ribon nas caixas torres, com divisor de frequência que eu mesmo elaborei. The ESS Heil Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter uses a folded pleated Mylar diaphragm of a mere 0. Fostex produce a range high quality tweeters designed to go into and on top of cabinets with sensitivity all the way up to 108dB. My worst experience with ribbon tweeters is the Red Rose Music Rosebud mini-monitor. Ribbon tweeters have been made that can reproduce 80 kHz and even 100 kHz. It is a total personal preference, so the answers you receive will be pretty subjective. True ribbon twe The Air Motion Transformer (AMT) is a type of electroacoustic transducer. Air Motion Transformers from Mundorf Mundorf offers today s largest selection of Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeters worldwide. (All of which are chosen for their high stiffness to mass ratio. If you make your own speakers, buy these "Great Air-Motion Transformer components. A. To wrap up these two test videos I measure distortion and provide commentary about each ribbon against one another. AMT or Air Motion Transformers, often misleadingly referred to as “ribbon tweeters”, are based on the same electrodynamic principles as conventional tweeters but their clever design means they move the air in a very different way, perform differently and importantly, sound different to conventional pistonic tweeters. Some ribbon tweeters are flat, some pleated and some have the same. Ribbon tweeters. Nov 26, 2012 · Pchan: its not an 'attempt' at an AMT, it was a success! I didn't invent it, I saw it on the DIYAudio site, you order the proper ribbon element from ESS in the USA and surround it with a magnetic field and voila, a Heil AMT ribbon tweeter like the original except not dipole, just forward firing. If you can up the budget to $1350-$1500, the Philharmonic BMR is a 3-way bookshelf speaker that uses a ribbon tweeter. Its diaphragm is the folded pleats of film (typically PET film) around aluminium struts held in a strong magnetic field. dome tweeters, I don't think you can say one is better than the other. 00-$75. Can these offer any advantage at roughly this price point? I know there are other tweeters, AMT, or even electrostats etc. 1 Dayton B652-AIR, electrical impedance (solid) and phase (dashed) (2 ohms/vertical div. For example, the newest 192/24 Chesky release from HD Tracks titled Wake Up Your Ears Sampler is a good way to hear what it is that I am saying. PDF Technical Sheet. The use of similar AMT tweeters by many other speaker designers shows how adept Oscar's invention handles the upper frequencies even in today's market. But the solution was made even more elegant by mounting the new 4” ribbon on the same faceplate as its complementary 1” AMT ribbon super-tweeter. The resulting reactive response time provides marked clarity and superior Other companies use this respected ribbon design, including ADAM and EmotivaPro. Celestion were the first manufacturers to fabricate dome tweeters out of a metal, copper. (BTW, an AMT is not really a ribbon tweeter--it works on a different principle. 99. The dome shape radiates sound with a wider dispersion pattern than the semi-dome design. ELAC 4PI ribbon tweeter - 360 degree omnidirectional ribbon twee 24 May 2011 Planar magnetic tweeters share some points of similarity to true ribbons but use imprinted polymer or PET film diaphragms. Hi, i'd like to know what you think about the differences between ribbons and amt tweeters. AMT vs Ribbon Tweeters - Techtalk Speaker Building, Audio Jan 09, 2019 · This ribbon is small, but then, it’s still much larger than a 1” dome tweeter that itself could operate far Lower. com. The top and bottom lugs with holes are where the wires connecting a power amplifier would be soldered to. Samtronic 160W high Power ribbon medium frequency transformer used in HiFi Audio tweeter horn High definition Sound AMT-YDG920 US $70. Both EVO4. That said, I am a big fan of ribbon tweeters. for 1/3 the cost). 25 product ratings - Pair, AMT ribbon tweeter, Dayton Audio B652-AIR Bookshelf Speakers. The pleated ribbon diaphragm of an AMT provides a large acoustic radiating area condensed into a compact chassis, for extremely high output and improved power handling. Order) TB Users, please note that Admins have approved of this For Sale thread containing multiple personal items of mine. I have for sale AMT and planar Monoprice tries to answer that question with the MP-65RT, which, at an impossible $50 per pair price point ($40 on sale), has to be the least expensive speaker in history to sport a ribbon tweeter. Those offerings however exceeded 4,500 USD a pair. AMTs do not equal ribbons. So my questions are, does the round planars give up anything in regards to performance relative to a square planar driver like the Neo3? Nov 26, 2012 · As to the OP's original question about ribbon vs. Nov 16, 2020 · An AMT is NOT a Ribbon!!!!! It is an AMT which is a different technology! I have several AMTs - Heil 1 and 2, as well as the Dayton Audio TOL AMT. The results were more uniform dispersion and tremendous attack. Here’s a picture of the actual ribbon used in a Decca tweeter. AMT tweeter. frequency near the crossover region that I ran switching polarity. co. I haven't found them easier to implement than a dome. A ribbon or AMT that is 1" wide will have a horizontal pattern similar to a 1" dome, however since the ribbon/AMT will often be taller than 1", the vertical pattern is narrower. 375" AMT (Ribbon) Tweeter , a " Midrange and 1 x 5" Kevlar Woofer . org. The bi-amped design features a Class-D power amp for each driver. The response is similar to a figure of eight microphone. Overlaying the 1m outdoor measurements, you see that the tweeter output has hardly any change at distance. Horn Tweeters. I was quite surprised myself :D Stick aro Sep 09, 2018 · I already saw that the AMT tweeters measure well, have to look at it in a bit more detail compared to dome tweeters and ribbons. The use of similar AMT tweeters by many other speaker designers shows how adept Oscar’s invention handles the upper frequencies even in today’s market. So my questions are, does the round planars give up anything in regards to performance relative to a square planar driver like the Neo3? Apr 08, 2018 · Years ago one of the most famous ribbon drivers was made by the British company, Decca. Jan 22, 2021 · The dome tweeter is a step up from the semi-dome tweeter, primarily because of improved sound dispersion. 4″ Copper Clad Aluminium Ribbon; Frequency& 3 Dec 2019 Folded motion tweeters are a variation of speakers that is used to produce installed in the cabinet for either mid bass or low bass, sometimes both. Since 1969 Acustica Beyma designs and manufactures from its factory in Valencia a wide range of solutions in the loudspeakers field. 00. With a significantly lower mass than a dome or conical tweeter, they offered greater speed, detail and resolution combined with ultra-low d Both EVO4. Tweeter Design: 1. Magnepan had a 2. I want to know about the specific differences, and if  A ribbon or AMT that is 1" wide will have a horizontal pattern similar to a 1" dome, however since the ribbon/AMT will often be taller than 1", the  9 Nov 2019 AMT or Air Motion Transformers, often misleadingly referred to as “ribbon tweeters”, are based on the same electrodynamic principles as  11 Nov 2020 Apologies for any downtime or slow forum loading now or within the next week or so. The R65 crosses over at 2. The other 4 options are the B&G Neo3, the HiVi RT1. Are there no differences between metal domes vs soft domes in this regard (low treble)? And yet another path would be to go with an AMT tweeter / upper mid. Its all about the implementation and good crossover design, to tame the anomalies or enhance the attributes of each type depending on the design of speaker cone-box, horn, point source, Open Baffle etc. 2 Jan 2021 Read trough our product reviews, learn more about the tweeters and Most people are unfamiliar with what the best car tweeters are for their car or truck. S. $44. Pros: Relatively  The ESS can give that Magneplanar ribbon type detail and dipole presentation only they I would expect the AMT tweeter to also work great. Simple eg: Wilson,B&W,Focal,Dynaudio,KEF,Revel vs Adam,Selah etc. Invented by noted physicist and scientist Dr. In the tweeter market, the AMT competes against electrostatic, ribbon and electrodynamic tweeters. 94 Nothing quite compares to the effortless sound transmission provided by a planar, ribbon, or AMT transducer and they are in-stock and ready to ship from Parts Express. SB ACOUSTICS SATORI, AT60NC-4 AMT RIBBON TWEETER PDF Technical Sheet. 375" AMT (Ribbon) Tweeter and 1 x 5" Kevlar Woofer . First established in Milan, Italy in the 1980's, the company started by designing and manufacturing OEM components for high-end European speaker brands. uk Dec 03, 2019 · A ribbon tweeter uses an aluminum ribbon that is suspended in the electromagnetic field. dayton-audio-amt-8 mini-tweeter-air-motion-transform-8-ohm. com that you can connect with all device types. Great deals on Universal Speaker Tweeters. Tweeter Type: Air Motion Ribbon Tweeter: Ribbon Surface: 19cm2: Impedance: Dayton Audio AMT Mini-8 Air Motion Transformer Tweeter 8 Ohm PDF Technical Sheet. Ok. It's a great time to upgrade your home theater system with the largest selection at eBay. However, due to the greater width of the element in relation to most ribbons, the horizontal dispersion is not as good, and the vertical dispersion isn't any better than most ribbons. Legacy seems to be one of the few brands that will use an AMT in a High end speaker. On the other hand, BW 607 features a 1" Decoupled Carbon Hard-Dome Tweeter and 1 x 5" Continuum Woofer . Categories : Ribbons. Coaxial Woofer · Subwoofer. 00 / Piece 1 Piece (Min. The pleated nature of the AMT gives it more surface area which in some cases might allow a lower crossover point and / or more output capability. A 100-watt PWM (pulse width modulation) amp drives the woofer, along with a 50-watt amp for the AMT (Air Motion Transformer) RS2 folded-ribbon tweeter. Apr 08, 2018 · Years ago one of the most famous ribbon drivers was made by the British company, Decca. MODEL: HR6032. Soft vs Hard Dome Tweeters Comparison: Which one is better? Metal dome tweeters are generally constructed of alloys of either beryllium, aluminum or titanium. 7 kHz, and the R80 crosses over at 2. Ribbon tweeters fall into 3 main categories: Magnetostatic, 'True' Ribbon, Air Motion Transformer (AMT). With dome tweeters, you’ll sometimes hear soft dome referred to as silk dome or fabric, depending on the material used. While apparently very good as a mid-tweeter or full tweeter,  14 Feb 2011 Yes I mean an AMT type of driver. It is all made-to-order for each customer. From the German Image HiFi magazine test it can be seen that this speaker has a 2nd order filter to the Aurum Cantus 130F1 midbass and - hold on - first order filter to the AC G2-variant ribbon. True ribbons require transformers, and there is no mass to the driving element other than the extremely low mass of the foil ribbon element. Lundahl Amorphous Core Filament current choke, LL1694AM. Three properties designers look for in domes are low mass, high stiffness and good damping. Delmond Won cabinets A higher sensitivity design with Acoustic Elegance drivers and a RAAL 140-15D ribbon tweeter. First developed over 50 years ago, the advantages of a properly designed and implemented ribbon tweeter were quickly recognized and appreciated by audiophiles around the globe. But subjectively many people prefer them. Apr 27, 2020 · Horn tweeters are great for emitting high frequencies. AMT is slightly different, and is what companies like GoldenEar and Emotiva use in their speakers. 5" Continuum Woofer . The ribbon is the pleated center strip. So a 1" by 5" ribbon may have a horizontal pattern like a 1" dome tweeter, but a vertical pattern like a 5" midrange. 5-inch Kevlar woofer in the case of the R65, and an 8-inch for the R80. Two come to mind, Martin Logan's 'Folded Motion' tweeter from their Motion series, and the GoldenEar HVFR  Plasma tweeters work by creating gas ionization or burning gas at high Unlike ribbon and planar magnetic tweeters, AMT tweeters are folded in an  20 Dec 2018 I have always placed AMT tweeters in the budget Ribbon category as some speakers designers find that a good dome tweeter can perform better. Both wonderful and useful—but in different ways. All Mundorf HiFi AMT tweeters have two superior key properties: excellent transient response and outstanding low distortion ratio. Tweeters. All dome materials have advantages and disadvantages. 20 $ 597. Dreams (the modified AMT) wideband driver with pleated ribbon diaphragm dome tweeters, whether one considers operational theory or practical reality! AMT Ribbon tweeter car speaker; MT Ribbon tweeter car driver Rated Impedance:8 ohms Dcr ?6-8 ogn Frequency Range:3k~40KHz; Rated  ELAC JET III tweeter -- AMT folded foil tweeter -- Air Motion Transformer tweeter be by a conventional cone or electrostatic driver of the same plotted surface area. 7 IIRC with their ribbon tweeter and the bass panel. eaven though a planar the bass was noticeably slower than the tweeter, although HP over at TAS rated it higher than the MG-3 which employed a smaller midrange panel making the transition more coherent from highs to low. FS Hygeia Electron / Electrical Co. It comes down to implementation; I've heard good speakers with both types of tweeters, and the type of tweeter wouldn't make me gravitate to one speaker over another. 6 kHz. 3 Dec 2019 This is why the generic term for the motion tweeter is Air Motion A ribbon tweeter uses an aluminum ribbon that is suspended in the  2 Jan 2021 That's where adding a nice tweeter to your car's audio system comes 100W Peak; Tweeter Design: 1. Its "voice coil" is a serpentine pattern of precision-etched aluminum, selected for minimal weight and high power handling. to the SPL vs. Treble now had weight instead of tizz. AMT Tweeter. wikipedia. This is not mass-produced junk. AMTs blow away dome speakers in almost every regard when incorporated correctly - they have more detail, non-fatiguing and the sound stage is HUGE!!!!! I have always placed AMT tweeters in the budget Ribbon category as some speakers designers find that a good dome tweeter can perform better. Save off-$256. Oct 31, 2013 · Although the Aon 2's folded-ribbon tweeter is a direct descendent of the Heil driver, it differs in having a diaphragm of high-temperature–tolerant Kapton rather than the Heil's Mylar, and neodymium magnets, which GoldenEar claims makes possible a smaller diaphragm that's also superior in terms of dispersion and low diffraction. Winner Of Dome Tweeters Vs. These tweeters are relatively inexpensive and offer good results with high sensitivity. IMO, the OEM RAAL is the best of both worlds, but are difficult to acquire by themselves. Thanks! Life With AMT Ribbon Tweeters? At their best, AMT's can sound very much like ribbons. Or, you could always go KEF R300, another 3-way bookshelf. The dipole ESS AMT drivers radiate equally front and rear with a vertical circular null above, below and each side. 1683 products Tune into your music with powerful amt air motion transformer ribbon tweeter on Alibaba. Phone helpline: 01702 523999 or contact us. EVO4. 1 and BW 607 are 2-way speakers. 01 mm) with an inlayed aluminum circuit functioning as the voice coil, allowing the tweeter to move at the same instant as the electric current. They simply have different strengths and weaknesses. save off DIPOLE140-15D 854. 1 features a 1. They also have limited low frequency response. But the original's 5 5 / 8" polycarbonate-dome tweeter has been replaced by a 1"-square, pleated-ribbon AMT driver claimed to add "even more smoothness and detail. Simply stated, used within their limits, thermal handling or power compression is not an issue with an AMT. We should note that there are other tweeter technologies too such as ribbon tweeters that we won’t get into here. The positive and negative current that is passed across the aluminum diaphragm cause it to move in an out. But, the problem is its greatest strength is also its downfall. 0005" thickness. 3WE isodynamic Tweeter, or use a pair of the infinity kappa emit tweeters, and lastly the B&G Neo1 Circular Planar Ribbon Tweeters. 1 has a frequency range of 64-22k Hz whereas BW 607 has a frequency range of 52-28k Hz. ). 4” model, HF garbage is largely dictated by the horn or waveguide and may look different on a better one): The RBN1801 is the latest development in Alcons pro-ribbon technology. The different lines were developed for certain applications and requirements. - AMT's and Planar Ribbon tweeters Product Brand & Model: I have for sale AMT and planar ribbon tweeters, made by Hygeia Electron/Electrical Co, LTD. 0 ribbon tweeters THD Podc AMT tweeters do not require an impedance matching transformer. Together, 106 dB (SPL at 1 meter) is achieved. Magnetostatic ribbon tweeters feature a thin film diaphragm / circuit board mounted directly above the magnets. Think about it: Always listening to high tones like vocals or horns will make your ears bleed. The B&C tweeters are very directional (radiating into an almost textbook 90° cone) and thus contribute little off axis energy to the in room average response. My main concern would be quality control for some AMT's (see the other post about large response deviations). Mar 28, 2018 · A large, rectangular rear port (with no sharp edges, to reduce “chuffing”) reportedly reduces bass distortion. The Air Motion Transformer tweeter works by pushing air out perpendicularly from the pleated diaphragm. Oskar Heil (1908–1994), it operates on a different transduction principle from other loudspeaker designs, such as moving coil, planar magnetic or electrostatically driven loudspeakers, and should not be confused with planar or true ribbon loudspeakers. 1 in stock (can be backordered) Tweeter Type: Air Motion Ribbon Tweeter: Ribbon Surface: 38cm2: Impedance: 4 Jul 20, 2012 · Re: Planar/Ribbon Tweeters vs Domes « Reply #4 on: July 21, 2012, 03:36:39 PM » Personally, I'm a fan of smaller ribbons more due to their better dispersion, but they can't be crossed as low and need a small mid. Fostex FT17H 8 Ohm Horn Tweeter The FT17H is a cost considerate high performance horn tweeter with a well extended high frequency of 5kHz to 50kHz - making it suitable for the ver Sep 15, 2008 · If you go by Zaph's measurements, ribbon tweeters tend to have slightly higher distortion.